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Discover exactly how to lose weight and keep it off for good, and why you don't need to sacrifice the food you love or go hungry in order to be thin.

Learn how to use your favorite foods to lose weight and tap into your natural ability to stay thin. If you've tried other diets with limited success, given up on weight loss or just assume you can't lose weight because of your metabolism, this book is for you.

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"Thought provoking and engaging, this book is a great resource to elucidate the confusing path toward weight loss. Pires makes the journey accessible by giving you tools and information to become successful. Adding humor and insight, she helps you to see that weight loss is not difficult with the right knowledge. Using data and references from the New England Journal of Medicine, BBC news, Mayo Clinic and American Journal of Preventative Medicine illustrate how well versed and well researched this book is. Overall an excellent and helpful book!"

Amazon Customer

"I have recommended this book to coaching clients and psychotherapy patients because it is scientific, psychologically minded, and promotes healthful eating and exercise. It is well written, easy to comprehend, and worth the time. Rachel Pires has made a contribution. Her book is a treasure!"

Dr. Judy Logue

"This book was such a breath of fresh air. Written in a positive, reassuring tone, Pires never lectures but lays out her message in a clear, concise manner. Taking a subject that elicits extreme emotional responses from tears of despair to elation, and teaches the reader that dieting should not be something to be feared, but is actually a battle that can be overcome. With no gimmicks, just boatloads of honesty and fun, simple, easy to understand techniques - Diet Enlightenment is a permanent fixture on my counter top and my new secret weapon in the battle against the bulge!"



"There must be thousands of diet books out there. In such a crowded landscape, it's hard to believe that a new book could come out with a new approach and with simple, effective ideas. But this is exactly what Ms. Pires has achieved. Rachel teaches how to determine the daily caloric intake that will enable anyone to slowly and efficiently lose weight down to their target level. She provides many great insights on how to accomplish this in both a healthy and effective fashion. As someone that has struggled with my weight since passing the age of 40, I am very excited to try Ms. Pires' approach. This method really appeals to my mathematical mind and my palate!"

Silvio Santini

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." Lao Tzu